Big Circle around the West

We took a Christmas trip from the snow of Billings (see picture of Ramada and rims below) to festive but snowless Albuquerque (see luminaria in Old Town of ABQ below) and then on to Seattle for the New Year and off to Billings on New Year Day. We started by taking the I25 straight south to Denver, and then on to ABQ. No Xmas is complete without a trip to the local CostCo. I am sure that Santa and in this case Sharon stop here just before they make their deliveries. I guess that is a single entendre.

This is a lonely road in New Mexico. But then, aren’t they all in the West?

We celebrated Xmas with Sharon and Leo and Diego (intra-uterine) and then off to Seattle Xmas day. Made it to Las Vegas with no problems the first day. Of course it was easy to find a place to eat there. And to gamble for that matter. Weather and road conditions, in general, were good though some might say that almost continuous rain in the Seattle area was more than a little damp. We did run into some small snow storms in mid-Nevada and northeastern Oregon, but the rest was easy.

Got a chance to play with four grandsons from these two girls at Xmastime in Issaquah. Hmm, judging from this picture it appears to be a small miracle that these guys are all very smart.

Missoula is growing fast these days. Gone are all the downtown cowboy bars (“Liquor up front, poker in the rear”). All replaced by fern bars. Where do the bikers go now? Beginning to look like a typical university town. Here are some cold pictures taken early AM on way home to Billings in early January 06: I’m not sure how to capture this ?loss/gain.