Review of Old Gazette Story

While cleaning out a drawer, looking for something else, I came across a slightly yellowed article from the Billings Gazette of January 9, 2004 by a good and friendly writer from the Gazette, Donna Healy. Not surprisingly, the other people mentioned in the article seem much more interesting.

Sadly, Bill Drum has cashed in his chips. I would hope the others are doing well.

If I had the chance to do the interview over I would make the following changes: The current read is almost always about 3-4 books at a time. I just never know when one will bite me badly and hold on ’til I finish it. And, though I hate to admit it, I simply can’t remember The Nice and the Good. Iris Murdoch I remember but not that title. By the way, Donna, if you read this please note the spelling of her last name—not Murdock. A great lady, writer and philosopher.

I think I would have put in more pictures too. How many words is a picture supposed to be worth. A thousand? Ten thousand? Granted, many pictures are not worth much but some are priceless.

The thing about a library is that it changes. Just as your bedroom table has to juggle all the books you are currently reading, so too must your whole library keep the books moving, else they will become heavier and heavier ’til at last you will be unable to carry them to their final resting place.

As I age, I see that I am starting as many books as always, in fact, now that I am not working, perhaps more, but I finish quite a few less than I used to. I suspect that is because a great many books are simply not worth finishing. Perhaps that aging thing is the reason we like to see more plays than we did when younger. Even if it is bad it is over in 90 to 120 minutes. As long as you know something will eventually end, and you are sharing your misery with friends, then it is surprising how much awfulness one can put up with.