Surveillance of Midwest Feedlots

Are those black helicopters or what?

Apparently the Environmental Protection Agency has gone roguish in the last couple of years. If only Eisenhower had been correct in warning us about a military-industrial complex. Sadly, it turns out that an academic-governmental complex is what we must be wary of.

What is next? Drone attacks?


A chocolate heart for friends of St Valentine

I meant to post this a few days ago. Only in America. I was walking down an aisle in our local drug store when I was attracted by this giant chocolate heart. Three (3) pounds for $24.99. That is about three times the size of the normal heart. Probably because I am on a diet I immediately thought: how long would it take me to eat the whole thing? And then, how long before my first coronary occlusion?

Kind of looks like it is going to drip down on the text, doesn’t it?