Surveillance of Midwest Feedlots

Are those black helicopters or what?

Apparently the Environmental Protection Agency has gone roguish in the last couple of years. If only Eisenhower had been correct in warning us about a military-industrial complex. Sadly, it turns out that an academic-governmental complex is what we must be wary of.

What is next? Drone attacks?


Touring the NorthWest I: on the way to Issaquah WA & Back

We took off in Carol’s Navigator a little after 9am the Tuesday before the week of Thanksgiving. Made it as far as Missoula the first day, about 340 miles. The 90 was fine.

We stopped at the Wheat Montana place just beyond Bozeman (above) for some Powder Milk Biscuits: Heavens, they’re tasty.

Later, we learned that Drummond MT, (see below) where we stopped for gas, is the Bull-Shipping Capital of the World.

Well, I’m not absolutely sure but it might have to share that honor. The Drummond High Trojans are playing for the Class C eight man football state championship in three days. I wonder what their mascot looks like.

The Grant Tree Inn Best Western in Missoula was excellent, with a surprisingly good breakfast, especially their sausages. And they like dogs. The Montana Club is a short distance away on Reserve St: it is an excellent restaurant, fairly new.