Turtle Sex

This is the image to attract your attention in case you are a visual sort of person. It comes from a peculiar website called Grist. The website is dedicated to environmental things including the whackos who are attracted to that sort of thing. It looks very interesting. The story had to do with mating turtles disturbing air travel somewhere on the East Coast. It was written in an amusing way. I wonder, are there animals, besides ourselves, that mate face to face?


3 thoughts on “Turtle Sex

  1. The turtle lives ‘tween plated decks,
    Which practically conceals its sex.
    So, isn’t it odd that the turtle
    In such a fix, could be so fertile.

    Author Unknown…. but the only poem, or anything else, I remember from college english.

  2. Thanks Bob for the note. As you can see, some sites are more fecund than others. I still ask the question, “Are we the only creatures that mate face to face—at least sometimes?” What about the great apes? I will look that up and get back to you.

  3. Well, I googled ‘mating great apes’ and came up with this You-Tube video which shows some apes in the ‘missionary position’ at least for a few seconds. The are in captivity so I’m not sure whether this might alter their sexual behavior. I understand that happens amongst human males.

    There are some other leads at YouTube but I didn’t have time to pursue them.

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