Coming Home Again

We left Rome on the morning of 31 December for Paris and a long day’s flight to Houston. Had a good sleep and woke up on 1 January feeling pretty good. We managed to change our tickets on SouthWest to later that day without too much bother and arrived in Albuquerque in late afternoon, 1 January.

Sharon, Leo and Diego had been visiting in Mexico so we caught up on some more jet lag and did our laundry, then met up with them the following day. Diego is growing quickly, but wasn’t feeling so well because of a fever. The popsicle went down very well.

On 3 January we were off to San Francisco to see Joan, Don and boys Matt and Mike. These guys were growing fast too. Matt is doing a little microscopy here just like his grandfather used to do. He might be looking at a booger.

Had some bad weather and some loss of power while we were there but it was still a good visit. That is Joan and Mike, about halfway between his fourth and fifth birthday below.

On 5 January we took off from Santa Rosa to Seattle, stayed overnight there. The Mazzucas were off attending a wedding in Detroit so we missed them. We went on to Billings on Sunday morning, 6 January, the Feast of the Epiphany. We were very glad to be home.


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