A Gift For Those Who Need It (and have everything else)

An article in this morning’s Gazette about a custom coffin-maker in Red Lodge Montana aroused my interest. A coffin is something most of us will need at some time or other in our lives, so it seemed logical to me to let others know what is available. The shape Mr Herzberg calls classic is the one pictured here. It costs $1175 though I suppose you could add some things that might jack up the price somewhat. And then if you live in Florida or some other faraway place the cost of shipping would have to be taken into account. He does personal deliveries within a 100 mile radius, which would include Billings.

I’ve always wondered why the “classic shape”? Kind of vaguely resembles a turd, doesn’t it. I mean, it doesn’t seem to correspond to the human body, does it? And it makes the construction a little more difficult. So, if anyone knows, let me in on the secret, even if it is something obvious.

[It occurred to me several weeks later to mention that if $1175 seems like a lot for a coffin, then you should check out your local undertaker’s wares. And if it still seems like a lot, then maybe a family could go together on it. Just use it for display, then after the funeral, burn ’em, but not the coffin, which can be used again and again. Just an idea.]


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