No Country For Old Men

No Country for Old Men: My recommendation is Go see the movie! It’s good. Lots of nice ordinary people get offed though. It reminded me of Flannery O’Connor’s response to the question: Why are your characters and stories so bizarre? She said ” When you are speaking to a deaf world, you have to shout loudly.” Or something to that effect.

Those ordinary people are one of the high points. I swear they are real people, picked up off the barren plains of West Texas. Llewellyn Moss, the ordinary person who sets the whole thing in motion, is a little younger and a little more agile than I pictured from the novel. The evil psychopath is perfect and the Sheriff is the best I’ve ever seen.

No Country for Old Men: I like these Wikipedia entries. I wondered about a scene near the end where the good guy Sheriff figures out where the bad guy is hiding but then walks away. Wiki suggested that maybe the hiding place was in the Sheriff’s mind. I am glad that others had a few problems with some of the loose ends.


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