Miscellaneous Billings Stuff

I was driving out 4th Ave a few days ago, on my way to the Red Oxx luggage shop in preparation for our upcoming trip to Italy. I will wave if you promise to watch the papal Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Anyway, as I was driving along looking at signs of growth all around me, here is a business advertising its services right in front of me. I had my camera on the seat next to me, so at the next stop light I got this picture. I didn’t realize the scale of our drinking problem. The words under the telephone number are, “Keep the Streets Safe and Have a Hell of a Time Doing It.”

Speaking of getting ready for Italy, look what I found at CostCo, one of my favorite places in Billings, mainly because they illustrate the workings of a world-wide market. This was one of a number of language lessons on CDs. Notice the price: $5.79! for 3 CDs! I figured I couldn’t lose and in this particular instance, of course I got what I paid for, but what a deal. You could almost see the words coming out of the mouths of these clearly enunciating ladies. I’m going to have to look around for some more of these Instant Immersion Crash Courses. Wow. Molto Bella.


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