Something is Wrong at Albertson’s

Albertson’s is our local grocery store. They are usually pretty good, though the wine is a little cheaper and the selection is better at CVS Drug Store. Their produce section is pretty fresh, at least the one on Grand and 13th is.

I worked for some years in my father’s meat market when I was a teenager and before that too, so I like to check on the price of this and that from time to time. Usually I just check on the price of good steaks and ordinary hamburger because that is about all I can remember from the late 40s and early 50s.

In those days people often ate cheese if they couldn’t afford meat. Nowadays it’s the other way around. I am sure $2 a pound for ground chuck is a bargain because we used to sell it for about 40 to 50 cents a pound. Good steaks were about $2 a pound in 1950, and now they vary from $5 to $8 a pound, again a very good deal as most everything else is at least 10X as much now as then.

I was startled by the item above in the meat counter at Albertson’s at 13th and Grand Ave right here in River City. I hope you can read that they are trying to sell smoked oysters for $35 a pound!! I checked some other bags just to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe Albertson’s has taken a lesson from the airlines and this is really their equivalent to the full fare, fully refundable and changeable anytime coach seat price, which of course, no one pays, and everything else is some sort of discounted price.

I might guess that real Russian caviar might cost $35 a pound, but smoked oysters? Who do they think they are kidding? Are the Chinese buying up all the oysters in the world? Viagra is pretty cheap I’m sure, even in China, in fact it is probably cheaper there than here. And it works better than oysters. Have I not been paying attention again?

Of course my favorite place at Albertson’s is the checkout lane where I get to know what is happening in the real world of Jen and Brad and Angelina. Isn’t there a limit on the number of kids one person can adopt? This is a magazine prominently displayed at the checkout. I don’t have the courage to open it up, but I did sneak a picture of the cover. I don’t suppose their prime readers are guys, are they? How old are their readers? Maybe this explains some of the behavior I witnessed on my Semester at Sea jaunt this past summer. Please don’t ask, my ears are red already. I wonder if the author of the “Hands” article included handing your beloved some incredible ravioli?


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