?Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?

Do I need to increase my medication or has there been a concerted effort in recent days to throw some of our truth-telling friends in the upper echelons of the media off the cliff of respectability?

When things just don’t make sense I usually find that I don’t know the whole story. Is it possible that this curious campaign is part of the larger project that some of our Washington leaders have in mind of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

I saw reported an enlisted Marine’s quote in the Wall Street Journal; this was in Fallujah: “There’s nobody to shoot here, sir. If it’s just going to be building schools and hospitals, that’s what the Army is for, isn’t it?”


2 thoughts on “?Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?

  1. The answers to the above are true and true and unrelated, to use one of my favorite answers to obscure test questions of yesteryear.

  2. Thank you friend anon. That was my favorite answer too, when I didn’t really know what was going on. Sorry to reply so late. I had lost this blog for some three years and just recently found it. Although not uniformly pleased with the entries I am not entirely disgruntled either.

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