Fall has Arrived in Billings

For the last two mornings I shiver at 6 am when I take Maggie out “to do her duty.” That is MtheD below right, soon after a grooming, which is why she has the neckerchief around her neck. This is the look she has when she is trying to get you to do something, but you have to guess what it is, not too difficult as there are only a few things that are on the mind of a dog it seems to me.

I love this time of year for many reasons. Not only does it seem like the beginning of a new year because of all those years in school I suppose, but we get to wear sweaters which are my favorite pieces of clothing. And you get to layer items of clothing, looking very rugged and western if that is what you want.

And the edges of things appear to be sharper than usual. Maybe it is the position of the sun, lower toward the horizon, that does this, but it makes my photographer eyes light up. The natural world just looks different this time of year, more fat and fecund maybe. Of course, my surroundings then have their effect on me. Even a construction site has a different look to it. See right. Perkins Restaurant in the background.

Tearing down the old Cobb Field hasn’t started yet, other than what Time has already done, but it will soon I am told. The new field is already underway, not sure what the new field will be named. The picture on the left in from the corner of 17th and Poly Drive, taken from my car window. I like the colors of autumn too.

Carol and I attended the last game there. We couldn’t find a seat, it rained some of the time, and we lost each other in the concession area. Eventually we escaped to Perkins for our usual supper. The picture to the right was taken on Memorial Day a few years ago.


6 thoughts on “Fall has Arrived in Billings

  1. Thanks for your comment Mary’s DT. I probably should have said that Fall weather was here for a couple of days. It usually gets cool, then warms up again for several weeks in late September/October.

    Yes, Maggie’s full name is Maggie the Dog, usually abbreviated as MtheD.

  2. Ken, I love fall, too, and I’m right there with you where sweaters are concerned. Pictures of Maggie, please. Or have you already posted these and I just need to scroll back? I’ve heard from Joan and my mom that she is one-of-a-kind adorable.

  3. Ken, that was me, by the way, who left that last comment. I’d been playing around with my profile, and didn’t change it back before coming here.

    Anyway, going to read more of your blog now…


  4. Thanks for offering to read more of my blog. As for fall, it kind of looks like it really has arrived now with some threatening clouds and occasional rain, and now some wind too. I think there is some snow in the air, not too far away.

    I guess this is fairly lame, commenting on your own blog that is. But I just can’t resist the urge to edit. It is like an itch that needs scratching.

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