Third crop of grass on Ramada Drive

When it rains, the grass grows. This is similar to a Law of Gravity here in Montana. This is now the third crop according to the guy that cuts it when it gets high enough to bother the squatting dogs, especially with the morning dew.

This is probably what happened for several years in a row back in the 19th century when people first started moving in to this area. The immigrants were tricked into coming and staying by a couple years of good rain. The prairie really does look like a grassy ocean, especially when the wind blows which is fairly often.

Of course, when the grass grows, then our four-footed bovine friends graze all night long into the early morning. Maggie the Dog loves to protect her turf from these critters. They pay no attention to her attention. Her courage waxes and wanes, sort of like her human masters.

You know that late spring and summer has arrived in Billings with certainty when there is a ballgame at Cobb Field almost every night, and often during the day as well. When the Royals play the Scarlets there is usually a fairly full house. On 2 June the Royals beat the Scarlets 2-1, the first loss of the young season for the Scarlets. All of the runs scored because of some critical errors. Both pitchers did well.

Oops, the picture I uploaded was from earlier in the game. Trust me, the Visitors, i.e. the Scarlets scored a run in the top of the 7th and the Royals scored two runs in the bottom of the 8th.


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