Patron saint of bloggers

  • bloggerpatron
  • Couldn’t resist lifting this from the Happy Catholic blog.

2 thoughts on “Patron saint of bloggers

  1. Wow, Ken! So glad to see that you’re safely en route. I need to read back through the posts to catch up with your latest journey. Take some good pictures! 🙂

    (Word verification word: “gagdrne.” Is that the sound one makes during a preliminary stage of Montezuma’s Revenge?)

  2. Thanks N for the comment. I haven’t left the good ole USA yet, but I did make a reservation from BIL to SEA to STS to LAX for the 2nd week in June. I am staking out parts of my trip in advance: will tell what I think will happen and then contrast it with what actually happens.

    I think “gagdrne” might be the sound one makes if you are choking and decline the Heimlich maneuver.

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