Minnesota Economist takes Trip around the World

A nice contribution to the conversation about globalization can be found at this site: word freaks might enjoy the new word “glocalization.” Sorry, one day I will get these references to be clickable. [Later I found that my browser, Safari, was handicapped. When I switched to another I found I could do the linking and other things.]

Professor Mendis is a friend that I met in 2004 while doing the Semester at Sea. Although Sri Lankan by birth he considers himself a true Minnesotan (ice fishing and all; probably a Vikings fan too) temporarily living and working in the DC area. That is him on the left. We are posing just before taking a little post-breakfast walk in one of the national parks of Tanzania. Our walk was shortened when we came across one of these big fellows having his or her breakfast. We looked at each other for a few seconds, long enough for me to take a picture or two, then all three of us quickly went our separate ways. Prof. Mendis borrowed a few of my pictures. Not sure he put these in. The flora and fauna in Tanzania were incredible. These large baobab trees are amazing. And the starlings are fairly startling with their bright colors too.

Check out Dr Mendis’s book on Globalization. He does short informative essays on various parts of the world. The royalties go into a fund for helping poor Sri Lankans recover from the devastating tsunami of Christmas 2005.


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