Up and Down with The Queen

Helen Mirren in The Queen was magnificent. The rest of the players were just average. The writers did like Tony Blair but not Mrs. Blair. The story was fairly stilted but a few things stood out fairly strong:

1) the new royalty as anointed by our masters of the media will only allow what few degenerate scraps of monarchy are left in the world to remain standing if they will pay homage to the new;

2) the machine that makes modern representative government run is made to run by our masters of the media;

3) Stalking of magnificent wild beasts is similar to the paparazzi pursuing magnificent beasts like Diana;

4) Magnificent wild and domestic beasts will come to a bad end if they wander off their reservations.

OK, has everybody got that perfectly clear? Good, because you will be tested on this material.

There may have been a few other bits that I overlooked. The Wikipedia entry is very good.


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