Spring Training 2005

March 2005: a good time to take in a little sun in Florida and Arizona, and to see a little baseball, and listen to some interesting folks at Elderhostel meetings in both places. Joe Garagiola’s daughter was one of the speakers, another was one of the original ladies professional baseball team members (WWII, mid to late 40s, perhaps into the early 50s in the upper Midwest: a good reason to learn to read), and some Negro League players; got to visit the new ballpark in Phoenix before the regular season started, and just had fun talking baseball with other knowledgable and interested people.

Flew to Tampa , then drove to Ocala for a visit with brothers Tom and Russ, then back to Sarasota for the baseball.

Then went to Phoenix to meet up with Carol and her Uncle Andy and Aunt Ardy, and to see a little baseball. All right Mariner fans, who are these guys seen from a distance?

Of course, Jamie Moyer, saguaro cactus and Ichiro Suzuki, distinctive even if you couldn’t see the number.

And finally, the high point of the visit to AZ, our friends and relatives of Billings MT, Brainerd MN and Mesa AZ, the LuConics, Carol Ann, Andrew and Ardyce.


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