Wisconsin football trip Fall 04

The statue at the ballpark in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (far right) is easily recognized as Hank Aaron, baseball player and home run hitter without the aid of steroids. He started his professional baseball career at that park in the early 50s. I am very glad that the good citizens of Eau Claire remember their history.

The house, right, is that lived in by Dr Withrow, an osteopath that I admired as a child. The Withrow’s certainly lived her in the 40s and 50s and probably longer. The house was a block away from the hospital. I have a scar on my bottom from being bitten by his Weimaraner “Caesar.” Barbie was his daughter. We did not get along.

The picture to the left is of the meat market we lived in from ’46 to ’56 in Hustisford WI. We lived in the upstairs apartment. The garage which doubled as abbatoir was behind, near to the park. I wonder if my father ever figured out where the Animal Crackers went that he had displayed on the shelves right next to the front door? I remember seeing an old guy collapse and die right after coming out of what we called the “locker,” a very cold room for storing meat in a frozen state.

I remember a guy, Hubert Falkenthal, who used to live across the park. He was one of the few men I knew in the village who had actually fought in WWI. His nickname was PooBah, or at least that was what my mother called him. He used to sit in his office in the garage next to the hospital scribbling in notebooks he called journals, when he wasn’t fixing a flat tire on our bikes for nothing. I wonder what happened to all those?

After Dad sold the meat market we moved to a house close to the cheese factory. See right. It had an apartment upstairs about the size of the downstairs where Mr Johnson, a teacher at the high school, lived.

Eventually, we all move to the same place.

The 4 Mueller brothers, conceived after and before WWII. Right. That is Russ on the left, born about 1946, then Tom, born in 1947. Yours truly was born in 1940, and Gerald on the right was born in 1941. Gerry and I were born in Illinois on the south side of Chicago, and Tom and Russ were born in Wisconsin, probably at Beaver Dam.

The football stadium in Madison. Camp Randall they used to call it. Maybe they still do. Right.

The bowling alley in Hustisford. Right.

and Lambeau Field in Green Bay, to all true cheeseheads something like Mecca is to the Muslims, and I hope that doesn’t offend our Muslim friends and enemies.

The statue is of Vince Lombardi, in front of Lambeau Field, noted for saying a lot of true things: one of the memorable and true things was “dancing is a contact sport, football is a collision sport.”

At Camp Randall the crowd is almost all red, just as they are mostly green at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Below is half-time entertainment by the Badger band and a picture taken on the way to Lambeau of a typical cheesehead of the female persuasion.


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